Expert Water Management
Irrigation system management is a core expertise of ours and a critical aspect of most landscape programs. While systems deploy in late Spring and Summer, proper pre and post-season servicing is key to avoiding costly repairs and downtime. Our certified technicians test and calibrate all brands of satellite irrigation controllers. We employ full-time irrigation technicians that are equipped with their own service vehicle and multi-media communications for immediate contact with any employee within the company.
  • Certified in Satellite Irrigation Timers
  • Certified in Water Conservation (ITAP)

M. Rizzo Inc. Credentials and dedication to professionalism

  • Irrigation Designer

    The irrigation Association Certification Board has established certification programs to achieve national recognition of irrigation specialists. A certified irrigation designer is an expert in soil-water-plant relationships, advanced hydraulics, electricity, pumps, specialty valves and irrigation equipment. A certified irrigation designer is an experienced professional who designs irrigation systems and prepares comprehensive installation plans.

  • Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor

    Landscape Irrigation Auditors develop system testing strategies check pressure and flow rates, and conduct water application distribution tests. They collect data to determine irrigation uniformity and efficiency. They take soil samples and determine soil type and root zone depths. With collection of data from field tests, they may generate monthly irrigation base schedules.

  • Certified ITAP Irrigation Technical Assistance Program Consultant

    Provides free irrigation system evaluations to assist property owners in better managing their water use. Sites with one or more acres of irrigated landscape will receive a detailed evaluation of their site’s irrigation system efficiency, site specific efficiency recommendations, an annual water budget and a summary of potential water and cost savings. Utilizing the ITAP Program, M. Rizzo Inc has been recognized by the Santa Clara Valley Water District as a company that emphasizes efficient water usage designs and management.